Asphalt irrigation

While this type of firm is being replaced by the hot mix asphalt over the years, is still used in addition to repair existing roads originally built with this technique, paving rural roads, rails services parallelogram alleles in major traffic routes and other traffic access limited volume and weight.

As it is not a manufactured and controlled centrally and then start work mix, but its most important feature is the “in situ” execution, the durability of these works will depend largely on the quality of the materials used, the embodiment:

  • Control of the emulsion temperature
  • Accuracy endowment arid surface
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    Given these parameters without forgetting the climatic conditions that sometimes hinder the execution of these works, as well as having a team of professionals with proven experience, only you can successfully do this work with teams of execution as described below:

    Gravel machine
    • Opening and closing hatches to vary the width of lying with pneumatic drive, which optimizes the speed.
    • Gravel extraction system from proportional to Dump truck speed mechanical drive.
    • Bottom drawer for manual loading in repair operations.
    • Dump capacity of 18 cubic meters.

    Emulsion tank and ramp
    • Hydraulically width varying between 2.5 and 5 meters controlled from the truck.
    • Computerized support surface envelope which varies the speed of the emulsion pump, and therefore its flow.
    • Set ramp width.

    These teams, along with teams of compaction with the needs, make a team characterized by its high daily production and a high level of control which benefits the durability of the work.


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