Equality Plan

The Government Sub in Lleida, Inma Manso, received this morning to responsible Crane Construction, a company funded by the Ministry of Social Services and Equality of the Ministry of Health to implement an Equality Plan with the aim of promoting equality opportunities for men and women.

The Delegate of Gruas Constructora, Miquel Turmo Gruas, Director and Head of Human Resources of the company, Marta Escolà, explained to the Subdelegate the different phases and procedure for the implementation of this Plan of Equality to the construction company, founded in 1966 and with headquarters in Alguaire. The company currently has a staff of 126 workers, of whom 17.5% are women.

Gruas Constructora it is the only company leridana 135 subsidized by the state government to call for 2015 to promote the implementation of equality plans in their business structures. Of these 135, 21 are in Catalonia (1 Lleida, 1 Tarragona and 19 Barcelona).

The grant is 6,500 euros and the total awarded to the remaining 135 Spanish companies is 799,970 euros. The Ministry of Health allocated this 2016 a consignment of 900,000 euros to facilitate the implementation of Equality Plans in Spanish companies, 12.5% more than in 2015.

The Government Sub in Lleida, Inma Manso stressed that implementing an Equality Plan is “a good investment for the companies themselves to that demonstrate a real commitment to promoting equality policies and for increase in positive valuation of the company both in the business of its territory and the international character “. “Doing -HA added Subdelegada- in a construction company, which is one of the more masculinized or less female presence economic sectors, is clearly positive.”

Inma Manso has insisted that “it is very important to work together between the state and small and medium enterprises in the task of raising awareness to achieve equality between women and men more real and help to give visibility to the efforts of all in terms of equality.”

With Gruas Constructora are now 15 companies leridanas 2012-2015 subsidized by the State Government to implement equality plans. These companies have received a total 89,460 euros, with an average grant is between 5,000 and 6,000 euros per company.


Reciclatges La Noguera

Reciclatges La Noguera


RECICLATGES LA NOGUERA has a recycling and recovery of construction waste located in Crta. Menàrguens LV-9225 Km 1,5 25135 Albesa (La Noguera), specifically in the parcel 33 of polygon 502 in Albesa, authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency of the department of Territory and Sustainability with the code E-1512.14.

  • Separate collection of waste from construction and demolition
  • Wide range of recycled aggregates and millings
  • Service agile and nearby transportation
  • Collaboration in realization of projects related to grants
  • Fix roads using recycled aggregates
  • CE mark in compliance recycled aggregate current regulations
  • Qualified with years of experience in the sector Professionals

Crta. de Menàrguens LV-9225 km 1,5 25135 Albesa (Lleida), parcel 33 of polygon 502 in Albesa Phone: 973 186 742 admin@aridsalbesa.com

Reciclatges La Noguera



The roads connecting people, cities and countries. Are the arteries of the world and the basis for global interaction. It is with pride, passion and excellence we strive for continuous improvement, to overcome the future demands of current projects and exceed the expectations of all the projects we execute.

Outstanding quality and selection of building materials quality are a priority throughout project implementation. We guarantee that our roads are suitable for traffic loads, with optimal grip, driving comfort and a higher average lifespan appropriate surfaces.

  • Exploration subsoil
  • Design
  • construction work
  • Road maintenance
  • noise barriers
  • Safety barriers

Gruas Constructora deals with the integral construction of all kinds of ways. Roads, highways, bridges, rural roads …

Whether working on highways, urban roads, new roads or rehabilitation projects, asphalt or concrete structures, our highly qualified staff dedicate their excellent technical knowledge and his personal commitment to developing solutions. Gruas Constructora offers the full range of road construction solutions in any weather. Special emphasis on sustainable and environmentally viable solution is made, from the initial planning stages to the maintenance of roads. Evidence of this is given by our best advertisers: our customers.


Technology and materials

We are committed to driving the future enabled by intelligent and sustainable buildings.

Through innovation and integration, we combine leading technologies to improve the efficiency and experience of building occupants. Put together cutting-edge technology with advanced security solutions.


On issues provide aggregate materials which are classified by particle size and consistency. They can be subdivided into categories: natural stone aggregates (sand and gravel) and crushed aggregates (gravel and crushed stone). Aggregates are generally available in the form of a homogeneous bulk product. Product features are standardized to ensure the necessary levels of reliability and processing power.

Aggregates are used in a variety of industries for a number of purposes. They are a main component in the production of concrete and asphalt, but also serve as a filter and filler or as the main material for the construction of roads and the construction of railways.


Concrete is a mixture of aggregates (approx. 80%), cement (approx. 12%) and water. Depending on the desired application, the characteristics of concrete can be changed by using certain additives.

Except for water, any other substance on the planet used over concrete. All major construction projects, either through tunnels or bridges, office buildings and schools, using concrete, one way or another. Concrete is generally given to the work truck and premix concrete poured into forms locally. Moreover, concrete is also used for the production of precast concrete, such as stairs, ceiling elements or structural components.

Asphalt is a mixture of different size aggregates, filler (rock dust) and bitumen (tar). It is mainly used in the construction of traffic routes, roads, driveways and parking lots.



Looking for the next step?

Are you a professional with several years of experience in the job you are looking for a change?

Gruas Constructora It offers exciting career opportunities for motivated people who are willing to take responsibility. Gruas Constructora , performance is what counts, not its ability to climb a ladder in a close race. You will be given an opportunity to realize their ideas and prove themselves.

There are many paths to choose from, whether your expertise lies in management, professional field or engineering.

  • Administrative

  • Engineers and Scientists

  • IT Specialists

  • Economist

  • Professional


From the Classroom to the Workplace

College is a very important stage of life. It is a time of rapid change and personal growth. They make new friends and discover new freedoms. For many, this is the first experience of living away from home. To succeed in school, you must set priorities and work hard. As more knowledge is acquired, self-confidence grows. However, each study course has an inherent weakness do not exposed to the real challenges that face in their future career.

A Gruas Constructora We offer college students the opportunity to obtain valuable information about the world of work. You can acquire new knowledge, apply their skills and improve their future opportunities. In addition, you can benefit from our support. And who knows? Gruas Constructora could become their future job.

We offer opportunities according to their fields of study. Accounting, marketing and engineering anyone regardless of their field of study, you will find a place with us.



We are a builder first, and that makes all the difference. A true builder is needed to create the best experience of owner preconstruction through delivery and beyond. Gruas Constructora ensures that the building, which brought together the most effective processes, leading technologies and passionate people to focus on what’s important: you.

Gruas Constructora expands the range of projects in buildings of social character as sports centers, exhibition halls, markets, various renovations, etc.



Water is the universal fluid. As it becomes increasingly scarce, new ways to conserve, reclaim, and use untapped sources are urgently needed. Membrane technologies provide a means for achieving each of these objectives.

Gruas Constructora has strict requirements for water – whether for drinking, power generation or the manufacture of a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Our platform water processing technology leverages the core technologies such as membrane microfiltration hollow fiber high permeability in water treatment systems to meet their varied and vast needs.

Gruas Constructora recognizes the complexity and implications of effective water management. We have considerable and wide to help water users from all over the elimination of pollutants and conserve this vital resource experience.



Gruas Constructora meets the commitment and responsibility involved perform their duties to their clients and, consequently, makes available all the necessary resources to fully ensure the reliability of its services, together with the importance of the environment and respect for our environment . Therefore, the company is firmly committed to ensuring stewardship in all their actions, services and products have the least impact on the environment, benefiting customers and the professionals of the sector. The environmental commitment is one of the main premises of the company.

The management of Gruas Constructora define a policy of Quality Assurance , Safety and Security and Environmental respect with a series of objectives that are detected may be careful to offer greater security for all clients who lay down their trust in them.

These objectives pursue reconciliation and constantly improve the services and resources of the company, expressing the will of Gruas Constructora to be a benchmark in the sector.

  • Ensure the planning and implementation of activities and services with total guarantee of quality and safety to customer satisfaction and the company itself.
  • Ensure that all actions and services Gruas Constructora do develop ensuring minimal environmental impact and ensuring the conservation of resources and the safety and health of people.
  • Include the protection and safety of people as one of the first targets to cover when conducting any activity or service.

How to get it
  • Developing a workplace policy based on principles of prevention and not just acting.
  • Driving systems and research programs to improve their own products, both in qualitative thematic, technological progress and environmental impact.
  • Constantly promoting research to overcome the rules of Quality Assurance.
  • Establishing a direct and interactive relationship with the client to provide a permanent service and feedback between both parties to overcome every day.
  • Ensuring the correct implementation, development and improvement of these objectives.
  • Offering customers the peace of mind that all their own services and products are subject to current legislation and regulatory legal requirements, providing comprehensive security.
  • Investing in the search for low-pollution products that cause the least amount of waste, considering at all times the viability of recycling to contribute actively to minimal impact on the environment.
  • Making environmental policy of the company not only preventive and combative tool pursuing continuous improvement of the objectives of environmental care.
  • Actively communicating and disseminating environmental prevention will all professionals and employees of the company to encourage positive attitudes regarding this policy, joining efforts to contribute to the cause.
  • And carefully keeping to strict compliance with the legislation to ensure correct application of the duties in environmental matters.
  • Keeping environmental policy described herein ongoing evaluation to review, improve and modify when business needs change and evolve.
  • Providing all the means and systems required to successfully achieve this first fundamental point.
  • Promoting initiatives that contribute to the constant improvement of the attitude of the workers to the rules of occupational hazards, improving their behavior and professional performance in this area.
  • Teaching the rights and duties regarding protection and safety, promoting their own responsibility, always subject to the commitment and guarantee of the company.
  • Providing the necessary resources to ensure that all legislation, rules and regulations on prevention of occupational risks are in place and enable the company to ensure the safety and security of all employees.
  • Keeping the policy of protection and safety in continuous assessment in order to review, improve and modify when business needs change and evolve.

Who makes this possible?
  • A highly qualified staff, constantly training to ensure the best professionals.
  • A specialized to track and address all matters relating to the Quality System team.
  • None of the processes carried out Gruas Constructora it is exempt from this responsibility and for this reason, the direction of the company allocates a responsible environmental management team to continue its proper performance.
  • Gruas Constructora appoints a department responsible for the prevention policy of the organization that allocates the appropriate resources to meet the goals of protection and job security.