Obres i Asfaltatges Tarraco

Since its inception it is based on a dedicated and experienced team activity which subsequently carry out the company. This experience provides the company with rapid growth and a high degree of specialization and competitiveness makes Obres i Asfaltatges Tarraco one of the leading companies in the field of asphalt.

Continuous improvement makes Obres i Asfaltatges Tarraco a company with a young, innovative and responsible for all contracts with our customers spirit. Similarly it is facing the future with hope, hope and the same principles of effort, responsibility, innovation and growth desires.

Ctra. Vall d’Aran (N230), km 14,5 25125 Alguaire (Lleida) Phone: 977 202 530 admin@oiatarraco.com


Àrids Albesa

We incorporate equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing, sorting, washing, water recovery, dust collection and all existing variants for different rock types to treat limestone, granite and abrasive rock.
In Àrids Albesa utiltizem appropriate machinery to get the product that our customers demand.

The plant’s machinery has quality certificates CE compliance with current environmental regulations.

Crta. de Menàrguens, km 1,5 25135 Albesa (Lleida) Phone: 973 186 742 admin@aridsalbesa.com


Integral Treatment of Leachate – TIL

Integral Treatment of Leachate, just as an industrial water treatment plant (WTP) aims to achieve, from sewage or mixed and through different physical, chemical and biotechnological methods, a water effluent of better characteristics of quality and quantity, on the certain parameters normalized basis.

In general, wastewater treatment plants treat wastewater locally, from the citizen consumption for the most part, as well as surface runoff drainage urbanized areas, in addition to water from small towns, through processes and treatments more or less standard and conventional. There are also WTPs are designed and built for large enterprises, which specializes in overall wastewater treatment.
TIL, instead, it is a new system, expandable by modules, getting to realize a comprehensive and compact structure with all the technological advances.

Ctra. Vall d’Aran (N230), km 14,5 25125 Alguaire (Lleida) Telèfon: 973 756 000 – Fàx: 973 757 067 info@til.org.es


Asphalt irrigation

While this type of firm is being replaced by the hot mix asphalt over the years, is still used in addition to repair existing roads originally built with this technique, paving rural roads, rails services parallelogram alleles in major traffic routes and other traffic access limited volume and weight.

As it is not a manufactured and controlled centrally and then start work mix, but its most important feature is the “in situ” execution, the durability of these works will depend largely on the quality of the materials used, the embodiment:

  • Control of the emulsion temperature
  • Accuracy endowment arid surface
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    Given these parameters without forgetting the climatic conditions that sometimes hinder the execution of these works, as well as having a team of professionals with proven experience, only you can successfully do this work with teams of execution as described below:

    Gravel machine
    • Opening and closing hatches to vary the width of lying with pneumatic drive, which optimizes the speed.
    • Gravel extraction system from proportional to Dump truck speed mechanical drive.
    • Bottom drawer for manual loading in repair operations.
    • Dump capacity of 18 cubic meters.

    Emulsion tank and ramp
    • Hydraulically width varying between 2.5 and 5 meters controlled from the truck.
    • Computerized support surface envelope which varies the speed of the emulsion pump, and therefore its flow.
    • Set ramp width.

    These teams, along with teams of compaction with the needs, make a team characterized by its high daily production and a high level of control which benefits the durability of the work.


    Road construction

    The company has extensive experience in this field, offering a wide range of services which include: from the new work opening trace, basic work with embankments, sub-bases and bases, asphalt layers to use specific treatments, special concrete paving and maintenance works with recycling techniques asphalt pavement.

    Among the works developed in this field they include:

  • Routes
  • Highways
  • Highway
  • Airports
  • Urban Flooring
  • Works maintenance
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    The rise in the activity of conservation and maintenance of urban services and infrastructure has encouraged autonomy and competitiveness of integral conservations areas.

    And greater penetration in strategic activities pursued as are the conservation and maintenance of roads and airport services and infrastructure, for which Gruas Constructora has decided vocation and resources needed to occupy a leading position within the group of companies in its sector.



    Gruas Constructora consists of an excellent technical team with extensive and proven experience in the areas of maintenance, continuously updated with the latest equipment for the proper development of activities and services. The highest quality service is the foundation of our effectiveness.



    From the Department of Engineering, Construction and infrastructure we develop all kinds of Ad-hoc projects for discerning customers. Whether public or private, we focus our efforts on providing the best solutions in the field of Water Works.

    With a young team of highly skilled engineers, we have over 40 years providing solutions in the development of new infrastructure aquifer with a high technological component. Advising individuals and companies in the study of treatments to implement optimization solutions, design documents and specifications. (Being at the request Customer mediators in the permitting process with government agencies).

    We have a great track record and extensive knowledge of hydraulic infrastructures, specialists in the field of construction and maintenance of water networks.



    Seasonality of river courses and the need for a regular supply, demand storage, management and control flows provided by nature.

    To create distribution networks and safe and efficient evacuation hydraulic deep knowledge are essential, the most refined design tools and best construction practices. Gruas Constructora develops:

  • Irrigation networks, to plot.
  • Supply networks, to residential connections.
  • Wastewater, gravity and pressure.
  • Terrestrial and submarine outfalls.
  • We have a great track record and extensive knowledge of hydraulic infrastructures, specialists in the field of construction and maintenance of water networks.



    We intend to transform and modernize agricultural irrigation systems to provide efficient and automated irrigation, working with quality materials of the first brands.

    To achieve this, our technical team previously studied in detail the topographical and hydraulic conditions of each farm, obtaining the design best suited to the particular needs of the client.

    We have a great track record and extensive knowledge of hydraulic infrastructures, specialists in the field of construction and maintenance of water networks.